Pawel Kula




Over the 16 years I have worked with many different types of clients from individuals to large organisations. This has given me an excellent understanding of what different clients expect and how to deal with their expectations in order to deliver a project successfully.

I have worked with a number of digital agencies and software houses offering my skills and helping them provide world-class products and services for various companies, including global brands like:



  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • CSS preprocessors: SASS, LESS, Stylus
  • CSS frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation
  • JavaScript: ES6, ES5, OOP, JSON, AJAX, TypeScript
  • JS libraries : Angular (1.x, 2), Underscore, jQuery, D3, Bootstrap, Modernizr, etc.
  • JS testing: Jasmine, Mocha, Chai
  • Backend JS: nodeJS, Express, MongoDB (intermediate)
  • UI / UX Principles and best practices
  • Architecture and software design patterns
  • Responsive Web Design / Adaptive Design
  • Progressive Enhancement / Peaceful degradation techniques
  • Web performance optimization
  • Cross-browser solutions
  • Cross device testing
  • Graphic design principles, typography


  • Editors of choice: Webstorm / Sublime Text / VSCode
  • Automation tools: Gulp, Grunt, Yeoman + plugins
  • Version control: GIT / TFS
  • Task management: TFS / Jira / Basecamp / Trello
  • Adobe CC (Photoshop / Illustrator)


UI / Web / Frontend Developer experienced in all aspects of creating & managing web based projects.

My story begins in 1998 when my parents bought me my first PC. When I connected to the Internet, it was like an enlightenment - I realized what I want to do in life: I wanted to be an active part of this community. I found a tutorial how to create a website and this was a beginning of the story.

My first commercial website I built using PHP3, MySQL and HTML 4.0 in 1999. Since then, I created dozens of websites for various companies, digital agencies and individuals. I worked as a webmaster, web developer, graphic designer, SEO specialist, project manager... but what fascinated me always the most was the visual part of the web development and the user experience. That is why I just love front-end development.

Looking how fast web development is changing, few years ago I decided to focus only on the front-end. I really love my job.