Pawel Kula | frontend developer

Software consultant with +10 years of experience in all aspects of creating & managing web-based projects.

Specializations: Web frontend development, User Interface, RWD, React JS, Web performance, team building, combining art & technology.

Interested in freelance frontend projects with React JS
(~90% remote, Europe or US East Coast based).

Status: not available until January 2021 (updated 6th Aug, 2020)

Last Clients / Projects


"Pawel has a real talent in presenting solutions to customers, communicating with them, and resolving various business issues. He is a level-headed, pragmatic programmer. He likes to solve problems in logical ways, and it's hard to think of a case that could overwhelm him, whether it be primarily code-related or business-related. If you have a chance to work with him, do not hesitate - you can count on his professional approach and skills. I highly recommend him."
Tomasz Kornicki, Head of SEO at Delivery Hero
"Pawel is an entrepreneur by heart and a stellar engineer by training and experience. When he joined us for 6 months to bridge the gap until our frontend lead was able to start, he identified both quick wins and critical features and helped us ship some major functionalities in a short time. His strength is the ability to think product from a development and business/ project management perspective which significantly reduced overhead. For anybody who is looking for a very senior dev with strong project management capabilities and who is a great communicator who is fun to work with, I can highly recommend Pawel."
Ilja Konoplev, Co-Founder of Smart Host
"Working with Pawel was a delight. He joined my team to help us finishing our AMP project. Not only did Pawel make very fast progress on the AMP Pages he built, he also ensured that the quality of the project was perfect. He managed very quickly to integrate his freelancing work into the complex team setup which we had back than (with multiple teams, stakeholders working on a product). Every team can be happy to have Pawel in their midst - not only for his professionell skills, but also as a great coworker."
Ralf Ohlenbostel, Technical SEO Lead at Zalando

About me

  • Optimist who believe in people.
  • Personality type: ENTJ (read more...).
  • Strengths: efficient, energetic, self-confident, strategic thinker.
  • Passionate technologist, web developer since 1998.
  • Work approach: Get things done. Focus on the most important things and ship it in the simplest way possible.
  • Looking for autonomy, mastery and fun.
  • Worked as: frontend architect, team leader, senior fronted developer, technical recruiter, mentor.


CV in PDF format:
Skype ID: pawelkula83